The services which will be provided include the following:

  • Introductions to Tribal and operational decision makers;
  • Provide information necessary to conform games and devices to the requirements of each Tribe;
  • Arrange, coordinate and monitor system testing with each Tribe to establish compatibility between Company’s system and the Tribe’s program;
  • Coordinate with US Customs for the importation of machines;
  • Coordinate with local firms for the assembly of machines, where applicable;
  • Arrange, coordinate and monitor the Customer Acceptance Test with each Tribe;
  • Negotiate agreement between Company and Tribe upon the successful completion of the Customer Acceptance Test;
  • Prepare and file, on behalf of the Company, Notice of Gaming Devices with the US Department of Justice;
  • Prosecute Licensing and Compliance with each State and Tribe;
  • Maintain communication with Tribes, casino personnel and Company regarding game and machine performance;
  • Prepare and initiate protocol for expansion of market areas within Native American Gaming;
  • Locate, qualify and arrange strategic alliances including distribution;
  • Coordinate the receipt and transfer of revenues;

Undertake such additional duties and activities as reasonably necessary to assure the successful introduction to and the long term involvement with the Tribally-Owned gaming market.